Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Carnitas with M&M

Mark and Michelle had us over for carnitas last night.
Mark, being the domestic goddess that he is, had slaved away in the kitchen all day making homemade guacamole, salsa, and steak.
We felt like king and queen tut on our thrones.  
Wren liked his carnita more than just friends. 
Don't you worry, I did too.  
I had one, two, THREE of em.
After dinner we busted out the ice cream...
and Michelle's homemade butter cookies...
and with a little help from Wren...
the caramel sauce.

Mark was beyond pleased with what he'd accomplished.
Oh and I got the crazy devils to watch the Bachelor (a show they have always claimed to hate), but you know what?  They basically loved it.  Especially Mark.  I think they like it more than Wren and I.  
Because guess what?  They're already planning to watch it again with us next week.  
Done and done.  
My mission in life is accomplished.  
PS Who's your favorite girl on this season's bachelor?
PSS The Shabby Apple giveaway closes tonight!  Enter, enter, enter HERE if you have not already!