Monday, September 26, 2011

Another Weekend Down :)

This weekend was a blast although definitely NOT long enough.  
But when are they?

We headed up Emigration Canyon and ate breakfast at Ruth's Diner.
Love him.
He was so perturbed at my mad picture taking skills.
Sorry Wren but you're so cute when you're mad :)
We ordered a mean breakfast burrito and cinnamon roll french toast.  It was so so good in a bad sort of way.
We then went on a hike and took pictures of the pretty leaves. 
What a stud.

It was perfect weather!
Later Wren trained his little sister and I in sprinting.  
I got my butt wooped by Eden.
And for some comical relief on this Monday morning he even made us do sprinting warm ups....
I look more like I'm doing the running man....
You're welcome for that :)

And last, this picture is from a couple weekends ago at Swiss Days that I forgot to post.
I love my sissy.

Have a good Monday!